July 27, 2011 :: Selling Fruit  <br />
This woman was selling fruit and vegetables in a park near Ere─čli.  I don't usually ask strangers to take their picture but I couldn't pass this up.<br />
<br />
We haven't finished putting captions on yet, but the pictures and keywords are up for the Turkey pics.  <a href="http://themales.smugmug.com/Travel/2011Turkey/18199095_Qtfj6t">http://themales.smugmug.com/Travel/2011Turkey/18199095_Qtfj6t</a> the Map It feature should work if you want to see where we have been.  We decided to break it up into several galleries, I hope it works to find them all.<br />
<br />
Thanks for all the comments on the cookies!
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